Friday, September 30, 2005

Keuring results Rhode Island

Vuzarma, left and Vaganieta, right ... Rhode Island, Keuring

In the Studbook for Star Class with an 8.0 for both her conformation and her trot was the lovely dappled dark bay VEGANIETA (Jazz x Ganieta, keur, preferent by Zeoliet - Amor) bred by FE Roos and owned by New Perth Farms of Prince Edward Island.

VEGANIETA has an impressive, well-balanced trot -wonderfully uphill - and her adjustability from her working gaits to her extensions were effortless. The jury concurred that this mare comes close to the level of Vittoria and Valeska (see DG Bar report) and with that, bestowed the ‘Best Mover’ and ‘Best Conformation’ ribbons on her. The next evaluation easily moved her into the category of “keur eligible”.

VUZARMA (Hamlet x Elzarma, keur by Purioso - Willowcratic xx) bred by G. Hoving and also owned by New Perth Farms showed good foreleg technique and scope in her jumping to send the ‘Best Jumper’ ribbon home to Prince Edward Island. Her other scores topped at 7.1 giving her a star but her trot was not good enough to advance her further.