Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beautiful Day

 Hanosa NPF (Johnson / Tango) just over 3 weeks old
Horatio NPF (Sandreo / Jet Set D) is 3 days old
It is a beautiful day here at NPF, we put the 2 mares and foals out together for the first time

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

North Carolina show

Great photo from Dressage in the Sandhills. On the left is Bagatelle , now owned by Laurie Marston, Calypso and Wiseman.

Results at

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More on breeding intentions.  The mare Florentenia by  Floristan  will not have a foal this year.  We try to have the mares foal every year as seem to get back in foal better when they are producing regular. Our mares tend to get over fat when they do not milk off their weight each year. However, after five in a row Flo  decided to take a break and we hope to get her back in foal this year. She had two  foals by Sandreo, two by Sir Oldenburg and one Johnson. We were happy with all the foals and it shows us what a powerful sire Floristan was in passing on good genetics. With Floristan there needs to be no compromise in that you can breed amateur ridable horses that still can go on to do the high levels of dressage. They also do well in both the young horse classes and at the top of FEI.
None of Flo's foals are preforming at a high level yet due to there age but they appear easy to start and look like they have the movement to move up. From the group we think Demarko by Johnson was the "flashiest" to look at. He was a super mover as a foal and is now with Andrea Taylor in BC. Johnson is producing some super offspring and we have been very pleased with our other Johnson foals. We also were very pleased with the Sir Oldenburg foals. The two year old , Forte, with Anne Aloi in Virginia is developing into a very nice horse. With that in mind we are going to try again with Johnson frozen but if it is not sucessful we plan to use fresh from Ruth Hanselpacker's stallion Schwarzennger. He has the same sire as Sir Oldenburg and shares bloodlines on the mare side. This is a very good natured   stallion and has some super jumping talent which should help keep a strong hind leg.