Monday, June 27, 2011


We did some video of Gatsby (johnson/Tango) now two months old.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Calypso at training level.

Martha showed four year old Calypso at training level and recieved two scores of 70%.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Second Pregnancy of the year.

Yesterday we checked Waltzelina pregnant to Sandreo. She has had two Sandreo foals.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the final foal for 2011, a colt

The final foal of our 2011 season and the second colt of the year, a ELDORADO v d ZESHOEK out of Vuzarma (Hamlet/Purioso)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Galaxy Sandreo/ Welt Hit II

The youngest foal is a filly from our Welt Hit II mare by Sandreo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

View from home.

One of the great things about breeding horses is to be able to look out and see all the mares and foals grazing peacefully.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Foals in June

We took some pictures of the four older foals today and would like to share them.

Sandreo/ Idocus/Quattro

Sandreo/ Jet Set


Contango/ Jazz

Sandreo/ Jet Set

Johnson/Tango and Sandreo/Jet Set

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Breeding 2011

Breeding Season

With five of our seven mares with foals we are into breeding season. One more foal is to come, Vuzarma bred to the jumper stallion Eldorado is due in early July.

We have bred Zinosa to Johnson and she will be ready for early preg check next week. We like this years foal , a colt, also by Johnson. This gives Jazz on both sides of the pedigree and some Contango influence from the mare sire Tango. The foal is very supple and is showing a very expressive trot and we like his canter.

Veganieta has had a second foal by Contango. This time was a chestnut filly and we are again very pleased with this mating. The yearling Contango/Jazz from Veganieta is developing well and living up to expectations. However, we plan to breed her to Florencio this year. The mare is vaccinated EVA so no problem there. We saw the Charmeur , Florencio/Jazz and we also saw a number of Florencio young horses at DG Bar KWPN/Na annual meeting. We think Florencio should be uses on a mare that is tall and has good body length. The Florencio , Zia, which we bought and is now with Erin MacQuarie has a super hind leg. We would like another foal that steps under like her.

Virginia (Welt hit II/Zeoliet) had the second Sandreo foal this year. This is a refined dressage type foal and follows last years Fiero in both type and movement. Virgina also has two earlier foals by Donnatelli. We have one Donnatelli breeding in our tank and we plan to use it on Virginia.

We plan to breed Florentina to Johnson this year. This is influenced by Demarko a Johnson son now three years old and developing well. He was bought by Andrea Taylor in British Columbia and she sends us regular pictures of him. The other possibility which we considered very seriously for Florentina was Sir Oldenburg with the two previous foal Espertina and Forte.We may go back to Sir Oldenburg next year.

Virtual Rose produced a very nice filly be Sandreo this year but we are planning to breed her to a jumper stallion this year as we are not producing many foals from jumping lines. Vy free jumped very well herself and her sire Idocus had a high jumping index. Her grand sire Quattro had a super jumping career and with Voltair on her sire side she has the genetics to produce a jumper. At this time we are planning to breed her to the Clinton son Eldorado.

Vuzarma is still to foal to Eldorado. We plan to breed her back to this tall, successful sire.

Waltzilina will be bred again to Sandreo. She has produced good foals by Donnatelli, Johnson and Sandreo. After some serious thought we are going to Sandreo again for her. Crispin is doing very well and we like her Sandreo foal this year.

That is the current thinking on choices for stallions for this year.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

A filly , Sandreo/ Welt Hit II

A new filly, the fifth foal of the year(Sandreo/ Welt Hit II) ,from Virgina,