Sunday, June 12, 2011

Foals in June

We took some pictures of the four older foals today and would like to share them.

Sandreo/ Idocus/Quattro

Sandreo/ Jet Set


Contango/ Jazz

Sandreo/ Jet Set

Johnson/Tango and Sandreo/Jet Set


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for informations about Sandreo's foals, and I've just found this blog with so marvellous pictures!!
What about their temperament?
How tall are they?
Do you have any breeding advice concerning Sandreo? What type of mare do you dedicate him?

Nathalie (France :) )

New Perth Farms said...


We have had eight Sandreo foals and bought a Sandreo/Baltzflug in Holland.
We have used Sandreo on a variety of mares, Jazz, Jet Set, Floristan and Welt hit II. They all have been big enough. some are still growing but the mature ones are 168 to 173.

We find them very trainable, they like people. the movement is not extravant , tends to be more reaching and not a lot of knee action. He should be used on a mare with a good hind leg. all Sandro Hit offspring do not improve hind leg stepping under, to my knowlwdge. It is adequate though.
He gives a very pretty head and neck, from Flemmingh , I think. this makes them easy to sell.
He does not add bone size, especally on the cannon bone , front leg, so I would avoid a very fine boned mare. He will refine a course mare.
Frozen semen quality is the best.

The are medium foreward. some can be a bit slow but can be encouraged to go foreward. They are a good fit with amature riders as they are not scarey.

If you look back through this blog there are video links to Sandreo offspring under saddle. See Bastion, Calypso and Crispin
videos. None of them are old enough to do higher levels so we will see what they can do as they get older.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!