Monday, September 18, 2006


Megan presented Wiseman

Martha presented Waltzlina for measurement. Waltzlina is 17 hands.

At the keuring the horses are measured if they are over three years old then presented in hand on the "hard surface" and then are free lounged and may be free jumped. If they are under three they are shown in hand ion the arean to show their movement. The foal are shown free with their mothers.
Ken presented Wingar on the hard surface. He does not look very happy !

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Keuring results

We attended the Keuring at ADDC on September 10th. This the inspection by the KWPN with an inspection team of Jacques Verkerk from Holland and Faith Fessenden from USA.

We were very pleased with the results. The two three year old geldings Wiseman and Wingar recieved a STAR designation which is the higest rating for geldings. Wingar recieved the award for BEST CONFORMATION at the keuring. He also recieved a score of 72 for jumping.

Zo Dane was the top two year old.

For the foals Bagatelle NPF Donnatelli/Jazz recieved a FIRST PREMIUM

Bolshoy NPF (Donnatelli/Jet Set) and Bastion NPF (Sandraeo/Floristan) recieved a SECOND PREMIUM
Florentina and Waltzelina recieved second premieum awards.

Monday, September 04, 2006

wingar gets ready for the keuring

We are getting ready for the September 10th keuring. Yesterday, we free jumped Wingar (Orame/Flemmingh/Nimmerdor). He was in his usual good form.

Foaling plans

We have completed our pregnancy check and have five mares with foal. As usual, thing did not go exactly as planned but we are very happy with the results.

FOALING Plans 2007

VERGINIA (Welt Hit II x Zeoliet) Bred Donnatelli DUE APRIL 1ST

FLORENTINA (Florestan x Phonix) Bred Sandreo DUE MAY 2ND

VUZARMA (Hamlet x Puroiso) Bred Concorde DUE MAY 5TH

WALTZLENA (Jet Set x Haarlem ) Bred Sandreo DUE JULY 17TH

VEGANIETA (Jazz x Zeoliet) Bred Sandreo DUE JULY 19TH