Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sir Oldenburg/Idocus/Quattro

Donatelli/Welt Hit II/Zeoliet

The latest arrivals are a week old and we took some photos of the two colts.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The foals of '09.

We now have all our ’09 foals on the ground. The final two came late Friday early Saturday. We expected them because it was show weekend and mares like to complicate things. We always say foaling is like “House Arrest” because of the limits it puts on being away from the farm. Both were on time with healthy foals and that is the big trill of breeding horses , seeing a new foal healthy and getting to its feet. Both mares had had foals before and were total professionals about looking after the foals. We usually milk the mares and feed the foals as much colostrum as they will drink to insure they get adequate antibodies. We have the vet do an IGG Snap test to check that antibody transfer was adequate at about 18hrs after birth. If it is low we can use frozen colostrum from another mare or use some blood plasma.

This years foals are:

Four fillies , Enieta ( Brentano II/ Jazz)
Elzarma (Concorde/Hamlet)
Espertina (Sir Oldenburg/Floristan)
Evieta (Johnson/Jet Set)

And three colts, Enkeur (Lord Sinclair/Tango)
Excalabur (Donatelli/Welt Hit II)
Exault (Sir Oldenburg/Idocus)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Two new foals

Excalibur (Donatelli/Welt Hit II)

Exault (Sir Oldenburg/Idocus)

It was a busy week end with two new colts. Virtual Rose (Idocus/Quattro) presented us with a colt by Sir Oldenburg. Shortly after that Verginia (Welt Hit II/Zeoliet) gave birth to another colt by Donatelli.
This completes foaling at New Perth Farms for '09. We have four fillies and three colts which makes a full house for us ! The first five mares have been bred back and we wait the prgnancy checks in two weeks to see what we will have for 2010.