Sunday, March 25, 2007

Breedings for this year.

It is the time of year when we must decide what stallions we are going to use for this breeding season. As we use all frozen semen the orders must be placed now to have the semen in the tank and available when it is time to breed the mares.

We have not been using fresh cooled semen as we like the selection of stallions available with good frozen semen and shipping is problematic with our location. Having semen shipped cool from the USA is possible but it must go to Toronto for clearance and this frequently can go wrong. We have excellent veterinarian services which makes using frozen semen possible. We have decided that we will again use all frozen. Our mares are all relatively young and we plan that we may have to move to fresh cooled as our mares get older and have the problems that go with multiple pregnancies.

With these considerations we are now past the “ wish list” stage where we all dream about what stallion we will use to produce and Olympic champion. We plan to breed six mares this year, three for the first time and three that are now in foal.

This is our current plan:

Virtual Rose is a Idocus/Quattro and we plan to breed her to Sandraeo.
We like our Sandraeo foals and we are looking for a tall stallion to give her foal some height. This would be for a dressage prospect.

Zinosa is a Tango/Purioso and we plan to breed her to Lord Sinclair.
We like our Lord Sinclair , Wiseman, and we think Lord Sinclair usually gives size and Zinosa is a good size but not big and also he seems to need some “go” and Zinosa goes to Jazz on the top side and is quite forward. This would be for a dressage prospect.

Zanientha is a Timeless/Jet Set D/Zeoliet and we plan to breed her to Concorde. This will be for a jumping prospect. She has lots of length and has shown early jumping ability.

Vuzarma is a Hamlet/ Purioso and is currently in foal to Concorde. We plan to breed her to Verdi a young Quidam de Revel/ Landgraf I , who is making tall foals and is jumping very well himself.

Florentina is a Floristan/Pilot mare which is currently bred to Sandraeo. This will be her second Sandraeo foal as she now has a Sandraeo yearling, Bastion. We plan to breed her to Johnston a young Jazz/Flemingh which is making tall very exciting foals in Holland. The Floristan line can use some of the Jazz energy and still should be very rideable.
It is possible that we may take an embryo from Flo and then rebreed her to Londonderry.

Verginia is a Welt Hit II/Zeoliet currently bred to Donnatelli. We plan to breed her to Brentano II . He is an older sire with offspring like Debby MacDonald’s Brentana We would expect a this cross to give us a big dressage prospect with the rideability of the Bolaro line.

That leaves Veganieta and Waltzlena who are currently in foal and will foal in July. Our current thinking is that as this is their second foal late in the season we will put them in training for next winter.

We will keep you up to date on this plan and we expect that Olympic prospect next year !

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