Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stallion Show

We are just back from the Stallion Show in Den Bosch in Holland. Stallion selection is done on a formula which selects the best of three year old stallions to go into breeding. The first round is held in the fall with breeders bringing approximately 750 three year old stallions to the committee. From these about 125 are selected for second round. The selection of these is done as a public event over four days where about forty dressage and jumping stallions are selected to go to the final test where they are trained and ridden. From these approximately 15 will we given tempory approval and then finally approved when they have several foal crops on the ground.

It was a great opportunity to see groups of offspring from each stallion. Stallions such as Jazz, Rousseau and Krack C were well represented. In this second round there was a full brother of our Zandman , Quattro/Cavalier. Also, there was a half brother of Wiseman by Sandreo and a very nice Florestan from Vaganieta’s mare line.

The stallions from previous years approvals were also brought back. Generally four or five from each year up to eight year olds and then another group of stallions doing FEI level. From these we were able to see last years champion, Westpoint. Florencio and Johnson were presented and won top scores for their group.

We got to see Krack C ‘s last ride as he was retired from showing at the event. We also saw Welt Hit II receive his Keur designate. It was easy to see how our Verginia got her build from her sire Welt hit II.

We were able to visit breeders and see stallions for two days following the show. We visited Team Nijhof and VDL studs. Of all the stallions we saw the most exciting was Sir Oldenburg and he will be definitely in our breeding plans.

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