Sunday, January 18, 2009


Vuzarma(Hamlet/Purioso) naps in the sun. She is in foal to Concorde and is showing her pregnancy.
Crispin(Sandreo/Jet Set) is sporting a set of frost covered wiskers.

It is cold with temperatures dropping to -25C at night. For those who think in Fahrenheit that is about -5. There has been no wind which makes it tolerable and the horses like to stand out in the sun during the day. The moisture from their breath freezes onto their whiskers. However, horses totally enjoy the cold weather as long as they are well fed.

We have to make some adjustments as all diesel tractors and truck have to be equipped with block heaters and kept plugged in during the cold weather. Water is a concern but the pipes are buried past frost penetration and bowls are insulated and some have heaters. Training is usually on hold except for those with heated arenas. In the cold climates most foals are born in the spring when the weather warms up

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