Friday, March 06, 2009

Foalings 2009

We have seven mares to foal in 2009

Veganieta (Jazz/Zeoliet) Brentanno II April 15

Florentina(Floristan/Phonix) Sir Oldenburg April 22

Wascalina(Jet Set/Haarem) Johnson April 24

Zenosa (Tango/Purioso) Lord Sinclair May 2

Vuzarma(Hamlet/Purioso) Concorde May 11

Verginia(Welt Hit II/Zeoliet) Donnatelli June 9

Virtual Rose(Idocus/Quattro) Sir Oldenburg June 11

All the mares have had foals before and Florentiena will be haveing her fourth foal and we expect she will be early as usual. We have not had foals by Brentanno II or Sir Oldenburg so these will be very interesting to see. Also, we expect to be busy with five mares in a one month peroid.

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