Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keuring Gingerwood 2009

Calypso (Sandreo/Jazz) 2 yrs first Premium
Enieta NPF (Brentano II/Jazz)

Enkeur NPF (Lord sinclair/Tango) and Zinosa (Tango/Purioso) First Premium

Esprentina NPF (Sir Oldenburg/ Floristan) First Premium Ch Young horse

Bagatelle NPF (Donatelli / Jazz) 3 yrs

Demarko NPF (Johnson/Floristan) yearling First Premium

The 2009 gingerwood keuring is now history. It was a beautiful sunny day and the facilities were spectacular. The keuring jury was scheduled to start at 2 pm but the jury's plane was diverted to Halifax and after promised rescheduling they had to drive the last leg of their trip. They arrived for a 7 pm start ! The last of the two dressage rides were in failing sunlight and we moved indoors for the rest of the keuring. However, with the great indoor lighting at Gingerwood the keuring went very well.

We recieved a first premium for the yearling Demarko (Johnson/Floristan) , two year old Calypso (Sandreo/Jazz) and the foals Espertina ( Sir Oldenburg/Floristan) and Enkur (Lord Sinclair)

Zinosa was accepted into the studbook and Bagatelle NPF recieved a high enough mark for studbook but needs to meet further requirments as she is register B.

Esprentina NPF was the high scoring foal at the keuring.

All our pictures were taken before the keuring while there was still light so we had no ribbons at that time.

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