Sunday, November 01, 2009

News for Fall '09

"The ’09 foals have been weaned. Weaning is a gradual process as we separate the foals from their dams for feeding each night for a short while. This starts in August and we then build up the time away just before weaning. It usually goes well because there is a group, this year seven foals, to provide company for the each other. We then separate them and the mares soon are of to the pasture with out them. We leave the foals penned in the barn for a few days and then to a small outdoor pen. They now have their own pasture and are quite independent. However, they look like weanlings , a bit ribby and not as slick as when they are getting lots of milk. The four foals which have been sold will be staying with us for some time to take advantage of group up bringing.

We took Bagatelle ( Donnatelli/Jazz) to Martha in Virginia for training. Bagatelle is now three and was doing walk- trot -canter both ways. Martha will school her for the winter and she will be offered for sale.

We have sold Demarko (Johnson/Floristan) to Andrea Taylor in British Columbia. Andrea is a very successful rider and coach and we are delighted to have Demarko going to her stable"

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