Sunday, January 24, 2010

KWPN Stallion Show

Martha and I will be attending the second round of KWPN stallion selection at den Bosch Feb3rd to 6th. In the first round there is normally 650 three year old stallions presented at various locations. From this about 125 potential jumping and dressage sires are selected. At this second round the three year old stallions are free lounged and free jumped and jogged in hand. There is about twenty five selected from this group that go to the final test where they are trained and evaluated under saddle next spring.

This is an excellent opportunity to see offspring of all the important sires presented in groups according to their sire. We will see offspring of sires we have been using and will be able to see new prospects for use with our mares.

Also there will be an opportunity to see some of the stallions approved in previous years. Also the top KWPN jumper and dressage stallions will be performing. This includes this year Jazz sons Johnson, Tango, Parzaval. Gribaldi sons will be featured this year with Panted Black and the amazing Totilas.

Four days of “all horses all the time”.

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