Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Breeding for 2010

One of the main reasons for going to the stallion show was to finalize our plans for breeding in 2010.

We were planning to rebreed our Jazz/Zeoliet mare to Contango. What we saw and conversations with breeders there confirmed that Contango on Jazz is a logical mating. Many breeders in the Netherlands would like to have access to Contango to improve the canter on their mares.

The plan is to breed our Floristan to Johnson again. Based on the previous foal, Demarko, from this mating and seeing Johnson and other Jazz breeding at the show we will go with this breeding again.

Our Hamlet/Purioso mare, Vuzarma, has had two Concorde foals , one Verdi and expecting another Verdi. We liked all these foals but want to try a new sire on this mare. We liked the way Clinton jumped watching him at the Olympics and the selection committee at the stallion show liked the Clinton sons presented. We now plan to breed Vuzarma to ELDORADO v d ZESHOEK a Clinton son from a Heartbreaker mare.

This is some of the refinements for breeding plans for 2010.

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