Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two of the Sandreo team.

We have bought or bred five foals by Sandreo (Sandro Hit/Flemmingh). Sandreo puts his stamp on them starting with a very attractive head and neck. All of the Sandreo offspring which we have worked with have been very easy to train showing a great willingness to work. He also makes his offspring with good length in the front leg and quite able to pick them selves up in the front. Two of our 3 year old Sandreo offspring are, in front, Crispin (Sandreo/Jet Set) and Calypso (Sandreo/Jazz) were walking in the pasture when we caught this photo. In spite of the reputation of Jazz bringing some difficult horses we find Calypso one of the most willing and calm horses we have worked with.

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Gemz said...

I have worked for a stud which is retiring so only has three babies left to find good homes for. We have three out of the same mare. The first i own myself who is a beautiful mare by Sandro Hit, she has the best temperment i have ever worked with as a mare, so easy and willing yet so talented. Her Two younger brothers (who are still with the stud) have also the same temperments, one who is by Sandreo also and has just started lunging now prior to work. So laid back and willing. And the younger one again who is by San Antonio seems just the same. For peopel to mock the Sandro lines for quirkiness they really need to look around. These are so easy yet so talented too. Seems yours are the same. Good luck with them! :-)